Sunday, February 8, 2009

Studio Artists Auditions

Friday was a busy day for Kentucky Opera. David Roth, Deanna Hoying and Lisa Hasson listened to over 30 young singers in the rehearsal room of ArtSpace. Singers were auditioning for the few Kentucky Opera Studio Artists spots for the 2009-10 Season.

While we don't have any results as of this post, I can tell from sitting outside that Brent Turner's Figaro was HILARIOUS! Lisa Paradise also sounded great from outside the room.

Amy Elaine Hayes went over her scores as she waited her turn to show her stuff!

Adonis Duge Abuyen gave an animated audition.

This is the third round of auditions Kentucky Opera has held, with one in Cincinnati and one in Chicago. The opera triumvirate will now have to pare down the candidates for call backs which we hope will be by the end of February.

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