Wednesday, March 18, 2009

King Rene

Wednesday afternoon two of our Iolanta singers were at WUOL for an interview with Daniel Gilliam. Ukrainian by birth, and Canadian by love, Anna Shafajinskaia will be our Iolanta and was so gracious to give her time after one rehearsal and before another. Mikhail Svetlov, who will sing King Rene, was there as well. You can listen to the entire podcast here.

In the interview, I learned that this was Anna's firs time singing this role, and she is very excited to add it to her rep. Mikhail on the other hand has been singing King Rene f,rom the beginning noting this was the first opera he performed in professionally.
Below is a video of one King Rene performance by Svetlov to give you a sample of what we will hear this Saturday, March 21 at 8pm at Whitney Hall. Get your tickets here.

FYI - There are $10 Arts Rush tickets available at the Kentucky Center Box office two hours before the show (6pm).

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