Thursday, July 29, 2010

Musings from the Music Director (Act. I sc.2)

I am writing this entry from my home in Gulfport, Florida as Tropical Storm Bonnie swirls to the south. She is a welcomed guest as she will provide refreshing breezes and much needed rain. But still what echoes in my head are the tunes and text from a very successful run of Susannah at Des Moines Metro Opera.

At every performance the cast, chorus, orchestra and stage crew were fully committed to sharing this story with the audience providing wonderful music making and spectacular theater. Carlisle Floyd attended a performance, just like he did for Kentucky Opera’s amazing Of Mice and Men at the Brown Theater, and he reported to me that he was most happy with what he heard and saw. What was curious was the fact that many people asked me if I was “anxious” or “nervous” that the composer was in attendance. I must say that I found it reassuring that he was there. To walk up to a composer and ask questions or solicit feedback is a cherish opportunity. One certainly can’t ask Herr Mozart, Maestro Verdi or Monsieur Massenet what they intended.

“’Susannah’ clicks into place as a pitch-perfect production…The music weaves hymns and folk tunes with a layer of dissonant 20th century harmonies, punctuated by menacing snarls from the low brass, and conductor Joseph Mechavich delivers the whole thing with both precision and dramatic heft…” Michael Moran, Des Moines Register 7/7/10

I have a few weeks off to grill and go to the beach then on August 6th I will be on the faculty of “Sherrill Milnes and Friends” for a few weeks. Looking forward to Kentucky Opera’s Fall Season at the Brown and enjoy your summer!

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