Thursday, November 4, 2010

New York Stories

On Halloween weekend, a privileged few got a special treat. After a week of intensive workshops, Kentucky Opera studio artists performed Daron Hagen’s New York Stories in three downtown homes as a part of Opera America’s National Opera Week. The three short operas have all been performed in concert; and the first has been staged several times. But this is the first time that composer Hagen has seen them all performed together. Hagen suggested site-specifc stagings in private homes, and directed the staging of all three..

Andrea Shokery and Gabriel Preisser performed Broken Pieces at Phil and Kathy Scherer’s lovely home at Preston Pointe. The 50 or so guests were served a glass of wine and sat back to watch what happened next. The opera started from an upstairs bedroom and meandered throughout the entire open space.
Daron Hagen tells the story in this video.

I will get the other videos up as soon as they are ready.

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