Monday, July 21, 2008

From the Pirates Costume Designer

Introducing the Kentucky Opera Costume Shop Crew: Josette Miles, head of Costume Department. Mary Vessels, KOA stitcher. Donna Ensor and Nancy, stitchers , usually at Louisville Ballet. Margaret Fenske, Cutter/Draper from Actor's Theatre of Louisville Staff. Shari Cochran, Milliner, also ATL staff.
July 17, 2008. We hit the midway point in the summer build of Pirates. So much is done, so much more to do! Donna and Nancy, stitchers extraordinaire on loan from the Louisville Ballet, are really moving through the chorus' bodices. Mary is on vacation, and we await her return. Today was another action filled day for Josette and I. We cut 2 bodices and belts completely out, did 3 fittings on 5 costumes, and ordered supplies. Jennifer and Johnny Warren came in from Bardstown. She looked adorable in her bicycling bloomers, and he fits into his Bobby Uniform and Pirate ensembles quite well, just a kerchief and a baldric to be found. Margaret was in for the fittings and will be back Monday for the start of Phase 2: the Children's Fittings. We just keep moving forward. No backward steps allowed!
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