Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where's David Roth?? Part 2

Yesterday our illustrious leader, David Roth, was in Cincinnati to see the Reds beat San Diego 9-5. He also got to see Eglise Gutiérrez as Violetta in Cincinnati Opera's La Traviata.
He is traveling today to Los Angeles to see either the Dodgers take on the Washington Nationals, or Diana Ross at the Hollywood bowl with the LA Philharmonic. What a diverse character.

I think he will be doing auditions in LA and then to Santa Fe for OPERA OPERA OPERA!! (And some auditions there as well.) He will be sending me posts from the road so we will see how Santa Fe's season is going.

Photo: From the Turandot cast party, Garnett Bruce, Maestro Joe Rescigno, with David Roth.
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