Friday, August 8, 2008

From the Pirates Costume Designer

We have entered the final third of the summer build. Where did June and July go? However, a grand milestone has been achieved. The last mockup for the chorus ladies was fit last Wednesday! And we fit the last chorus gent for the summer. Plus a had a very productive second fitting with Natalie Krupansky, our Ruth. She was a sweetheart and drove in from Lexington just for us. As ever, Margaret’s patterns were right on, and the stitching was super. A few minor adjustments, and we will see Natalie in October for a final check and to fit some boots. Now it’s on to finish assembling the children’s costumes, which we will fit again in October when we are closer to performance and the children will have grown all they are going to before Opening Night.

Posted by Holly

A note from Heather: I did take some video of this fitting (it was all proper and G rated) and as soon as I can work out some editing details, I will post the video here.

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