Thursday, August 14, 2008

Notes from Saturday, August 3rd 2008.

I have an easy day planned today. My flight out of Albuquerque leaves at 2:55pm which allowed me the pleasure of sleeping late, past 9:00am, and planning a leisurely morning prior to my drive to the airport at about 12:30pm. One tradition in Santa Fe that I have not enjoyed in recent years is a weekend breakfast at the Tecolote Café on Cerillos Road. With a generous supply of strong dark coffee and the tallest, fluffiest pancakes you’re likely to find, this is one place you gladly wait for the next table to open. Fortunately, this morning I was solo and given an immediate place at a large table in the middle of the café specifically reserved for single diners. Huevos Rancheros with beans easily complimented a morning read of the newspaper and small talk with a lovely group of fellow Tecolote admirers gathered around like a big, extended family. Satiated and satisfied with another productive trip to the summer pilgrimage to the adobe capitol that draws so many of us each year, I headed south to my connection back home to Louisville.

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