Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cast/Staff Lunchon

Kelly Kuo, will be the repetiter (also known as accompanist) with Kelly Kaduce who will debut with Kentucky Opera with a debut role, Desdemona

The Otello Cast Arrives!!

Kentucky Opera’s impressive cast for the first production of the season arrived in our fair city over the last couple of days. Today will be the first (and quite possibly the last) time the principal cast, production crew and KYO staff are in the same room at one time. The Cast/Staff lunch is an opportunity for every one to put names (and roles) with faces. While it would be a challenge to find someone in this group that wouldn’t be able to immediately identify Kelly Kaduce after her cover of the Opera News, I am sure there are those that have yet to meet Linda, the sweet woman in finance who cuts the checks, and everyone who is expecting to get paid needs to know her!

Linda has been working with Kentucky Opera's finances for 3 years and we love her.

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