Thursday, September 25, 2008

Otello rehearsal

The image above is from the first Otello piano dress rehearsal, the first run through with the full chorus full sets, costumes, wigs and makeup. The directors and designers can finally see how everything works together and make changes as needed. Apparently in this rehearsal, they had to change Cassio's wig and the lighting was on the red side at one point. I think they got it worked out by the Final Dress Rehearsal for Students last night (Wednesday). The Student Dress is a great opportunity for students to see the entire opera for a LOW price and it gives the cast an opportunity to work out the kinks of the performance with a live audience. Most of the students we get for these are in high school and college and are usually very responsive. Much of the audience last night was comprised of three choirs from Fort Knox high school. They all seemed extremely eager to be at the center and dressed up like it was prom night.

The video below is from Kentucky Opera's last Otello rehearsal in Todd Hall. Its the drinking song from act I and Christian Reinert, playing Cassio, does a great job acting drunk in this.

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