Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So much going on!

Kentucky Opera celebrated the Patron's Party last night at Steve Van Hooser & Wayne Jenkins' last night. What a great time. The studio artists performed a choral piece from the Baroque Showcase that will open on Friday 11/14 and the Werther cast showed off their vocal prowess with arias and ensembles from the Massenet piece slated to open on 11/28. This is the first time in my history with the company that we had overlapping rehearsals. It's kind of exciting.

Yesterday, we had a nice article in the Courier Journal featuring the Studio Artists and the Showcase of Baroque Opera. the story was accompanied by a terrific photo of the "kids" as we call them, clockwise from front, Juliana Moura, Benjamin Robinson, Conor Angell, Heather Phillips, Natalie Krupansky and Courtney McKeown. The coach/accompanist Naoko Suga is not pictured.

Rehearsals for the Baroque piece have been in the 2nd floor lobby of ArtSpace. If I can locate the camera, I will go and capture the moment.

Today, Andrew Adler spent some time with out two leads in Werther, Elizabeth Batton and Garrett Sorenson at their home here in Louisville. The couple just moved here from New York with their 10 month old son Jonah, and are very excited about working from home for this production. They were extremely generous with their story and their home, making astute connections between the love story in Werther and their own adoration of one another. It should be a unique angle we rarely get in a preview. We are expecting that article on November 23, hopefully we will get the top of the fold with the charming family photos.

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