Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Angels, Pirates and on to the next!

Pirates closed today. We had two student matinees for title one schools sponsored by a group of ANGELS: Brook and Matthew Barzun, Augusta and Gill Holland, and Owsley and Victoire Brown. These six individuals made it possible for hundreds of students to experience live opera - we thank them!! Both performances were pretty much full and the audences seemed to enjoy the performances.

Now the Studio Artists must dive right into Teleman (Brown Theatre November 14 & 15). The Baroque Opera pieces won't be easy for them to learn because there are no translations of the arias in the first half of the show. I have been told (though yet to hear) that the selections are beautiful, and with the period instruments the event should be very cool. Rehearsals are at Austin Clark's home in the mornings, and I hope to get over there some time for a photo and a listen.

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